modern ideas for gardens
We are landscape designers. We create new spaces and we transform existing. Through design, we shape the landscape that best suits the place and the people who use it.

Each project is a new challenge with new tasks, ideas and solutions. Each garden is its own world with a unique character.

We are a closely knit team specializing in the creation of modern gardens, parks, city squares, flower beds. Our gardens are the result of the painstaking work of experts from a wide range of disciplines brought together to create new open spaces.

Olena Zbyshko
Practicing landscape designer, leading specialist and co-founder and head of the Anemon studio. Member of the Gardening Team of the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest and Natural Beauty in Great Britain.

Olena Sturrock
Practicing landscape designer and a specialist in the field of modern environmental design at the Anemon studio. Member of the international team that created the "What does not burn" garden at the Hampton Court Palace Garden Show 2022 in London, which received the Best Global Impact Garden award.

Anna Aleksandrovych
Practicing landscape designer, co-founder of the modern landscape studio Anemon. Speaker at the European School of Design - where she developed course materials and lectures in “History of landscape design" and "Planning”.